Warrior Charge (Jericho One J102)

by Noface



Audiopreview: soundcloud.com/jericho-one-2/j102-noface-warrior-charge

After a first EP from BNJMN, new Creme Organization label off shoot Jericho One now serves up a second release, this time from NOFACE. This is a moniker of Mella Dee, a producer who in the last few years has released rough house tracks on labels like Lobster Boy, Digital Soundboy and Omena. Here he offers three new pieces that show a passion for high energy, lo­fi tracks with inventive grooves.
‘Saturate’ is littered with old school signifiers but is essential a brutal, high power techno banger with immovable kick drums, slithering percussive patterns and fiery vocal ad libs that imbue the track with a sense of afro­futurism. ‘Polar’ is a similarly physical track with massive, monstrous kicks, reverberating synth lines and a barreling sense of groove that washes over you like a braking wave. Finally, ‘Warrior Charge’ is another physical and functional cut with robust drums, oversized hi hats and woodpecker like hook that demands you stomp and head bang from start to finish.

"yes dig, thx!"
Mirella Kroes (Motiv, Amsterdam)

"Nice funky stuff"
Patrik Skoog (Sample and Hold Records, Berlin)

"Interesting stuff! Thanks!!!"
J.C. (S.C MUGAKO, Vitoria-Gasteiz)

"not for me, sorry."
Simone Gatto (OUT-ER)

"warrior charge is pounding"
Solenoid (Graphene / Belief System, Berlin)

"Saturate for me"
Gingy (Clone, Toronto)

Sei A

"3 top track - all strong - straight in the crate - thanx"
Slam (Soma Records)

"badman techno - I like Saturate!"
Nick Höppner (OstGut Ton)

"i really like saturate"
Ben Morris

"warrior charge... thanks!"
Locked Groove (Hotflush / Life and Death, Berlin)

""saturate" is a proper beast, but as a whole, this is a great ep. nice one!"
Eric Cloutier (The Bunker NY | TANSTAAFL, Berlin)

"solid club trax, will play"
James Fox / Severn Beach (Audio Culture / KMAH Radio, Bristol)

"will play warrior charge ! thx"
GoldFFinch (Valence, Turbo)

"Big tunes for kickin ass!"
Unbalance (Unbalance)

"this is fantastic :)"
Chrissy (The Nite Owl Diner, Brooklyn)

"To be played on specialised electronic music program Full Frequency on RTRFM 92.1 Perth Western Australia. Show is aired weekdays from 3pm til 5pm (GMT+8)"
Craig Hollywood (RTRFM)

Marco Bernardi (Take The Elevator, Bristol)

"into them all, thanks!!"
Marsman (Pinkman Records, Rotterdam)

"Strong start - hoping for more fireworks!"
Giles Armstrong

"Diggin Saturate"
Basic Soul Unit

"warrior charge is killer."
John Osborn (Tanstaafl Records, Berlin)

"Warrior Charge for me thanks!"
Intalex / Trevino (Birdie / 3024)

"Warrior Charge for me thanks!"
Truncate/Audio Injection (Truncate, Los Angeles)

"not for me"
Ksoul (Ksoul & MuteOscillator, TORINO)

"yeah nice deep / banging combo, thanks !"
Necta Selecta (Eat Music)

"downloaded for r hawtin"
Richie Hawtin (M-nus, Berlin)

"not for me, sorry"
Electric Indigo (indigo:inc)

"Warrior Charge bangs nicely!"
James Kumo (KMusic, Manchester)

"nice bangers. thanks!"
Marcel Heese (Tresor, Finitude)

"Nice Release!"
Ryan Elliott (Ostgut Ton, Berlin)

"Great release! Warrior charge is my favorite here!"
Najem Sworb (Clone, Ai)

"great record, will play"
Alex Coulton (Alex Coulton, Manchester)

"Not for me. Thanks"
Zadig (Construct Re-Form, ROUEN)

2000 and One

Carlos Valdes (Studio Soulrock, Amsterdam)

"Polar & saturate are bangers"
DJ Billy Nasty (Tortured & Electrix Records, Hove )

"Liking these. Will give them a spin this weekend."
Kamera (Phantasy Sound)

"Saturate is the one, cheers!"
Perc (Perc Trax)


released October 19, 2015



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